We love decorating our homes and that’s where the idea hit us! Our passion for décor, furniture and furnishings, whichadds a personalized and unique touch to your homes set the ball rolling for The Urban Elephant. We strive to bring customized and affordable furniture to every home and make the dream of decorating your personal spaces, your way,a reality. We understand the emotions attached with adorning your homes, therefore promise to deliver designs that strike a chord with you. Our team is high on creativity and loves to bring out the emotions in the form of innovative designs that make you go WOW! We understand your sentimental values of bringing home designs that are expressive and speak for themselves. The Urban Elephant ishere to translate your aesthetic dreams through its alluring designs.


We believe that your home is a reflection of your personal choices and imagination. Trust us as a channel that’s here to give a fresh makeover to your dream home! Our aim is to let our furniture do the talking while you take pride in our pieces that have been crafted with love and warmth. Come and soak yourself in our products that emulate charisma, zeal, exclusivity, luxury and solace. Our pursuit of creating happy and beautiful homes is an inspiration to keep us going and growing better. We would love to infuse optimism in your empty spaces and transform it into a home that makes everyone go green with envy!


Our existence revolves around beautifying your homes and our core values pivot around the concept of BEAUTI. We treat our customers as kings and they matter to us the most. At TheUrban Elephant, customer delight is of paramount importance. As a customer-centric entity, our focus is hinged on the delivery of best designs and solutions. We believe in cementing long term associations with our new customers and strengthening the existing ones. We strive to bring smiles to our customers and are happy to walk the extra mile to ensure the same.


  1. B – Beautiful

Every home deserves to look beautiful and shine bright. Here we are, to assist you in giving your homes a beautiful makeover. Our dedicated team is passionate about their work and we all are serious about our commitment to ensure on-time deliveries. We not only inspire each other but also complement one another in our pursuit to offer beautiful products.


    2.E - Efficient

The Urban Elephant is a team of efficient, passionate and dedicated professionals endeavored to their commitment of delivering beautiful furniture. Besides, we take every relationship with our customers seriously. Creativity, customer delight, strengthening existing and new customer relationships play a vital part of existence. Our focus is also hinged on minimizing wastages and making the most of available resources.


     3. A-Affordable

We aspire to manufacture furniture, which is not only elegant but affordable as well. Our team is constantly working hard to make stylish furniture, a pocket friendly affair. We do not want your budgets to hinder your desires for beautifying your homes. Therefore, we are relentlessly synergizing our creative liberties to make classy furniture more budget friendly.

       4.U - Unique

We live by the word Unique and that’s why this word is a part of our core values. W

is not only dedicated to designing unique furniture but are equally unique in our pricing, dealing with customers and maintaining customer relationships.


     5. T - Trustworthy

We follow our values and are ethical in our dealings with our customers.Earning the trust is of utmost importance for us.Being honest and trustworthy is a way of our everyday life, which flows effortlessly into our work.We are transparent in all our activities and communications within the team as well as with our customers and vendors.


    6. E –Empower

We believe in (i)empowering ourselves with the product knowledge and the needs of the customers to deliver best solutions. At the same time, we believe in (i)empowering our customers with elegant and comfortable solutions best suited for their needs!

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